Profile of Daniel James

A computing professional with a BSc Degree, but most importantly the interest and passion for computing. The main area of interest is forensic computing and security.

The internet is comparable to space, immensely vast and mysterious. Surfing the web like space exploration, you never know what you will discover. This is a double edged sword as there are positive and negative consequences. I strongly insist that the internet has more disadvantages from a security perspective.

The traditional pen and paper has almost become redundant due to the advances in computing over the last ten years. As school and university students spend the majority of time doing work on the computer, the way of life has caused major problems with security for people and information. The reliability of technology has caused many security concerns. A typical example happened in London when a disk of information was lost. This was not an ordinary disk as it contained:

"medical records of more than 38,000 NHS patients"

Technology has advanced so much it has made every day life easier. This easy approach has major consequences, as it clouds human judgment. COPY AND PASTE makes it easy to move information from one source to another, but do you consider the outcome of this? Chances are you do not give much consideration as technology overrides this.

The simplicity of the internet makes children a prime target as they use social networking and chat rooms. Do they consider what they type in a chat room or display on Facebook. The chances are they do not give much thought as once again the simplicity of technology removes the inability to make a decision.

I only wish the internet in whole would tighten up security especially social sites. These are my own personnel views on internet security as to why I find this subject so interesting.