Sunday, 2 January 2011

Dell Terrible Customer Service £50 + For Advice = Disgraceful

On the 24.12.2010

Recently had issues with a Dell Inspiron laptop, the wireless network card was not functioning correctly. After tediously troubleshooting all the possible causes of failure and obviously reinstalling the newest driver from the Dell site, I came to the conclusion the issue could possibly be hardware related, so I proceeded to call Dell..

We all know the scenario when calling Dell, not only are you calling India, but length of waiting is uncertain. After getting through to Dell and explaining the situation, they then transfer you to technical support.

Again, explaining the issue for the second time and all the diagonisties I carried out to try and rectify the wireless, I was outraged to learn that they would not give me any advice. Plus, the employee's accent from India was not very decipherable. He proceeded to talk about cost but refused to give any advice.

It is deemed normal procedure to give customer advice. This is the basis of all good customer service. I would understand if Dell was to install a new network card.

Dell's customer service was abhorrent from the very start, and I would never personally purchase a Dell product in my lifetime. Always go with someone that can give you free helpful advice. Thankfully most vendors are happy to give free information. In my opinion, unless actual work is carried out then basic diagnostics and advice should be free.

Fortunately, I had already completed my own diagnostics. I was only looking for confirmation of network card failure which I had already determined.

Please leave comments about your experience with DELL customer service.
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