Sunday, 12 September 2010

Google Instant to Destroy SEO: What do you think?

With the deployment of Google instant, web developers wait in anticipation of traffic results. Google instant refines searches by intelligently showing results as you type. In most circumstances eliminating human typing errors and displaying more relevant searches which could be detrimental to SEO. Some web developers deliberately misspelled words to maximize traffic through search engine optimization. Google Instant will be like having a spell checker making misspelling of search terms almost redundant.

As the number of users increases from tens of thousands to millions then the inevitable will occur. The Google servers will come under strain from millions of searches using the Google instant engine.

Google are leaders in their field, so I am sure they have excellent infrastructure to cope with the billions of searches each day. As each search displays results in real time thus causing vast amounts of data flow from Google. I hope Google can cope with the high demand of real time results.

Search Engine Market Share
The data presented in the pie chart is accurate but slight fluctuations in percentages occur from time to time. Will Google ever face stiff competition, it looks increasingly unlikely. Google instant should further the search engines world domination.

A quick demonstration of Google instant. Users have the option to turn the instant feature off which is good for slower computer systems.

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starsunflowerstudio said...

I remember when that google instant thing started. It was a bit weird and unnerving. Glad to know that others find it an annoyance too. :)

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