Monday, 3 May 2010

Slow Web Browsing In Ubuntu - A Solution That Works For Me

A very short clip of Epiphany web browser being installed. The video shows the simplicity of using the Ubuntu software centre to quickly install trusted programmes specifically design to work within the operating system.

Installing and testing Epiphany web browser (The OS looks like Windows XP but really is Unbuntu with the XP them) You can downlaod XpGnome theme from here. The file is hosted on "softpedia" so you know this is a safe download.

Since switching from Windows 7 too Linux Ubuntu, I have experienced performance issues with Mozilla Firefox. The problems concern the slowness of Firefox, maybe you have experienced the same frustrating issues. From using Firefox in Ubuntu, it is slow to resolve URLs and slow to download web pages. I know this is not associated with my ISP but the web browser is at fault.

The solution to fix the problem is very simple, DO NOT USE FIREFOX! IN UBUNTU. The web browser designed for Ubuntu is called "Epiphany Web Browser" and can be downloaded from the Ubuntu software center.

I mostly use software specifically designed for Ubuntu. This ensures greater compatibility and stability within the Ubuntu environment.

Additional Tip: Do not use Windows switch to Ubuntu and change the theme to windows XP. This gives you the look of Windows with the stability of Ubuntu.
I still use Firefox when using Windows XP or 7.

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4 comments: on "Slow Web Browsing In Ubuntu - A Solution That Works For Me"

starsunflowerstudio said...

One issue I was personally having in all web browsers was a DNS issue only with pages I've never been to before. It was REALLY slow! I'm not sure what was causing it, but was able to resolve the issue by setting the DNS to google's servers.

Interesting. For me FF is slow no matter what, even in windows. I have a tendency to use google chrome for most of my web browsing. I use firefox for firebug, fireftp and for gmail (I have multiple gmail accounts).

I've also had similar (faster) speed results with opera (available for linux). I'm a browser hopper though, sometimes have 3-4 browsers open at the same time. I use seamonkey quite a bit. I haven't used epiphany for some time now. I'm going to have to revisit it!

One question. Why oh why would you use an XP theme in linux? :) :D There are so many gorgeous themes available! I've got some screenshots posted here:

starsunflowerstudio said...

Btw, hopefully that comment didn't seem snide about the xp skin. I am just curious about why you chose that theme. Here's my favorite desktop screenshot. (My laptop)

Daniel.James said...

Because I was so accustomed to using the windows interface, but I will try other ones. Also its a good felling, using windows for free, well to be honest I never paid for windows, still using the beta windows 7.

Thanks for the message it is all ways appreciated.

Daniel.James said...

I particularly liked the start icon in the corner, just like windows it makes it a lot easier to navigate than looking through loads of menus.

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