Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Why Only Now? FBI Fight Against Crime on Facebook‎

I could have told the FBI this, so why has this not come sooner. It is unbelievable that the FBI have not explored Facebook until now, when there has been an opportunity since 2004. 6 years later the FBI recognise that there is a valid reason for this. There has always been a valid reason for this, as criminals using Facebook disclose information.

This is what the guardian say:

"Any criminals dumb enough to brag about their exploits on social networking sites have now been warned: the next Facebook "friend" who contacts you may be an FBI agent."

I totally agree with this from the guardian. There is a plethora of information on social networking sites that people post.

Facebook is the leading social networking site with over 300 million active users. Facebook should be asking the FBI to help them not the other way round. Since the begging of social networking a new threat has developed over time. Cybercrime is one of the webs biggest threats and needs tighter implementation of security.
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