Saturday, 13 March 2010

Can Illegal Music Downloading Ever Be Stopped

This is in response to this article from From "The Times" February 12, 2008. The article is old but still relevant today.

"People who illegally download films and music will be cut off from the internet under new legislative proposals to be unveiled next week. Internet service providers (ISPs) will be legally required to take action against users who access pirated material, The Times has learnt"

Can illegal music downloading ever be stopped. Simple answer no. The music industry will target the file sharing sites and the people that use them. Remember their are many ways to download music apart from obvious peer-to-peer applications like Limewire and BitTorrent.

* You can search Google for downloads, even use the intitle:"index. of" mp3 trick.* Download the flash video from YouTube and transfer to mobile device. (You can download software or use online sites)

* Share music with friends Offline. You have many options: USB memory stick (Flash memory) Hard drive (External or internal) Mobile phone SD card.
(*Sharing music offline makes it imposable for detection by ISP*)

I personally do not listen to a lot of music. When I do I just use YouTube. YouTube is free and people do the work for you uploading the content. The only way they could prevent illegal music downloads is to shutdown the entire world wide web. I wonder if this could ever happen or partially be blocked. I personally do not want a society where we are told what to do.

The more we download the more we make a stance against media giants.

Back to the subject in hand "Can illegal music downloading ever be stopped.
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