Friday, 5 March 2010

I Hate RapidShare - So What Is The Best File Sharing Resource On The Net

4shared Undoubtedly the best file sharing resource on the net. Perfect for downloading music and documents, best of all it is completely free. Unlike other file sharing websites like RapidShare, there are no restrictions on how much you download. There are additional benefits when you create an account.

You can upload files and link to them from your website. You can download with confidence knowing that files are virus free. As each file is tested with Kaspersky anti-virus.

“No virus detected”

“Virus found”

One of the above notices will appear on the download link. From my experience 99% of files are virus free. This is why I use 4shared opposed to Peer-to-peer torrent sites.

This type of file sharing has benefits beyond peer-to-peer. There is less possibility for hackers to gain entry into your system. Peer-to-peer software installed on your computer leaves back doors open, while using online websites prevents such vulnerabilities and exploits being used.

The use of online file sharing removes peer-to-peer traffic, making it difficult for ISPs to identify illegal downloads. In recent years the news has reported on illegal download sites such as “Pirate Bay”. I'm sure we all remember the case where the “Pirate Bay” founders went to prison. Most people will only get caught due to one reason and one reason alone, the reason being file sharing application such as LimeWire, BitTorrent. The best way to avoid detection is simple, remove these software immediately. You still have the same benefits when using online file sharing sites without the risks involved.

Using peer-to-peer file sharing software is the easiest way to get caught. Looking for peer-to-peer traffic is the first step your ISP takes, so eliminating this traffic is essential.

This is my recommendation for file sharing. I genuinely use 4shared regularly for hosting my files.

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