Friday, 26 March 2010

Times and Sunday Times: Flawed, Overpriced and Outright Disgusting

Online Readers will have to pay £1 a day or £2 a week in the future for the Times and Sunday Times. This is completely ridiculous considering the wealth of information available online. This in my opinion is completely flawed due to the fact that numerous websites have the same information. I personally like the BBC website. This experiment is doomed from the start and I forecast that they revert back to the old model.

Information on the internet is not under lock and key. Putting a price tag on online information is completely flawed, overpriced and outright disgusting. Giant corporations are abusing the internet when it should be free.

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2 comments: on "Times and Sunday Times: Flawed, Overpriced and Outright Disgusting"

Steroids Blog said...

hope it's a big fail, if i'm paying for news i want it on paper.

Daniel.James said...

This will be a total disaster, the internet was not designed by Tim Berners-Lee with the intention of charging people for information. There are numerous sources of the same information all over the internet, how will someone benefit from the service.

You pay your service provider to access the internet, you do not expect to pay to view individual websites.

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