Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Surfing the Web Anonymously – Is It Possible

When surfing the Internet it is possible to acquire information about someone even when they don't want to publicize who they are. This is possible even if your system has no viruses or malware. Specific information that is easily acessible online includes: Your IP address, your country (location info based on IP address), what operating system you are on, what web browser you use, your browser history, and a bunch of other sensitive information. It gets worse. People can acquire your systems name and identify specific programs your computer runs. As well, cookies can track your habits as you use different machines throughout the day.

How do people get information about you?

When visiting websites, information regarding you can be acquired. In essence, information is intercepted and exploited by others to monitor your Internet movements.

How do you prevent this from happening?

Foremost, it is feasible to serf the web anonymously and thereby prevent a trail from being left for individuals to find. Be aware that this is not guaranteed, but it makes it a great deal arduous for people to know your identity.

Anonymous proxy servers are designed mainly for security to help protect you while you surf the web. The anonymous proxy server substitutes your Internet address for its own. Security is greatly improved by masking your IP address and making it more difficult for prying eyes to track you.

How do I find an anonymous proxy server?

There are numerous companies who sell anonymous proxy servers. You can use free proxy servers which are available to you. Products on the market include vtunnel Follow the link for more info offers anonymous and secure web access, and can bypass URL or IP based filters.

Additional safeguards can be used when trying to keep your sensitive information private. First and foremost, you can use an encrypted connection to conceal your surfing activities. You will find a lot more detailed information if you search the web. Deleting cookies each session can also be done. Lastly you have the option to configure your browser to withhold Java , JavaScript, and active content. This will prevent certain content from loading in the browser. You need to think about the advantage/disadvantage of this course of action.

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Good luck with Anonymous surfing!

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