Thursday, 18 February 2010

Microsoft and Yahoo - Will They be a Force Against Google

Microsoft's search engine "BING" is to replace Yahoo's current engine. Microsoft's plans have been given the go ahead from the European and US regulators. In a ruling that stated “would not significantly impede effective competition". In July of 2009 last year Yahoo" first announced the planned merger. Currently Microsoft and Yahoo have less than 10% of the search engine market, with Google controlling the majority of 90%. This move is a positive step allowing Microsoft to compete with the giants Google.

Carol Bartz Yahoo's chief executive said the two firms would be creating a “breakthrough search alliance”. However some technology analysts reckon that Microsoft will struggle to make much of a dent in Google's search engine dominance.

Microsoft's deal with Yahoo we'll give them more dominance in the search and Internet advertising business however still trailing behind Google. Google's sole concern is the development of its search engine. On the other hand Microsoft has many developments including operating systems and office applications.

The numerous developments of Microsoft have impeded the progress of its search engine. This is why they will only achieve second best behind Google. Microsoft's search engine “Bing” formerly known as (“Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN Search”) went fully online June 3, 2009 while Google have been leaders since they came to prominence in 2000. Microsoft's late attempt to compete with Google will not amount to much. They would have stood a chance if they spent their early years developing their search engine.

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