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How to Get Away With Plagiarism When Submitting Coursework

This is intended to help you check for plagiarism on all your assignments before they are submitted. The solution is simple and I can guarantee you will never have a plagiarized essay again. What strikes me with amazement is how students submit university work with directly copied content.

I have read in shock a fellow university students work which had 99% copied from Wikipedia.

Does your school or university use Turnitin to check for plagiarism, if this is the case why don't you beat them at their own game by scanning your documents before they are submitted. I did this frequently while I was at university, as they had a strong policy against plagiarism. If you do your own research you will find suitable solution to help you detect plagiarism before submitting your work to Turnitin. I highly recommend a piece of software called Viper Plagiarism scanner and their motto is "biting the hand of plagiarism". This will solve all your problems, giving you the upper hand in preventing any traces of plagiarism. In reality you will not be committing plagiarism due to the significant changes that you will implement.

Story Behind This

In 2009 I studied the final year of a Networking Degree at university. There is great pressure for students to preform well in coursework and exams. The final year requires students to participate in a group project which I found inappropriate for a final year as this meant us relying on fellow students.

The student in question without mentioning names was certainly an underachiever, thinking about it I still do not understand how he managed to gain entry to university. A group member showed me some of the offending work that the plagiarizer had produced in the past.

It was good that the work was in digital format giving me an opportunity for closer inspection. On inspection I instantly found the web address all his work came from, I am sure you can guess Wikipedia. The assignment was copied word for word with absolutely no attempt to re-wright or even paraphrase the text.

From simply using a search engine and using "quotes" around the search query you can find word for word matches. I instantly knew his input would be minimal dragging our grade down.

In conclusion due to my hard work and the other group members we achieved an excellent mark.

Your Main Aim

Your main aim is to generate vast quantities of non-plagiarized work thus achieving this gives you more time to create diagrams for gaining easy marks. If you use Microsoft Word or any other word editing software you should be well acquainted with the thesaurus. The thesaurus enables you to change the synonym of a word without altering the meaning. Restructuring sentences and changing a high percentage of synonyms will eradicate most traces of plagiarism. Technically this is still plagiarism on the basis that you are conveying someone else's ideas. For school and university assignments you are expected to carry out research.

How this works

There is no need to submit plagiarized work when there is a plethora of tools at your disposal . When you want to copy content just follow the advice:

(I have taken the liberty to highlight the important points)
Once you have modified the text and satisfied with your coursework you can use the secret weapon. It is secret because the school teachers do not want you to know. The answer to all your worries is a plagiarism scanner which can be found on the web at no cost. Search engines act like plagiarism scanners allowing you to search for specific sentences. This is not the secret weapon.

The secret weapon is a piece of software called Viper Plagiarism scanner which can be found on the web at no cost.

The secret weapon is a piece of software called Viper Plagiarism scanner which undoubtedly played a role in my university assignment making sure there was no plagiarism. The software enables the user to search the entire Internet or search a specific database which they can create. The second option is for schools that have a large number of students work they can compare.

The software will show all plagiarized work highlighting the text and even giving the direct link to the source. With one click you can find where the plagiarized work came from.

What I like about the software is the ability to see the percentage of work plagiarized, this means you can amend sentences to make certain you have no plagiarism. Once you have 0% plagiarism you can be confident in submission of your work.

Remember cited "quotes" will come up as plagiarized so please take this into consideration when looking at the percentage of plagiarized work.

Viper Plagiarism scanner in my own opinion is highly useful and very accurate.

I am sure there is other software available to do a similar job. However I have not come across any another software.

Coursework today comes down to "Google" this is why I believe the education system should be overhauled. Research is what most coursework requires I have experienced this throughout university as most coursework is research based.

Using the Internet to complete assignments is easy when you know how to ovoid plagiarism.
Most school and university assignments today should be sponsored by Google - Is your work courtesy of Google.

I want to make it known that I am not in any way affiliated with Viper Plagiarism Scanner. This article is intended to highlight software that I have used to great affect. I certainly do not condone plagiarism, but only the use of such tools to ovoid plagiarism.

This is the link to Viper Plagiarism scanner. I Hope that this is going to help you.
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